We carry Global Window, 3M, and Suntek Films. All films come with a lifetime warranty. Prices listed are for in-shop auto work. For our pre-cut, retail tinting products, see "Shop".

Auto Tint Percentages:

Hi-Performance Charcoal
(Blackish Gray Color)

  • 50% Legal Limit
  • 40%
  • 35%
  • 30%
  • 20% (Factory on most trucks, vans, & SUVs)
  • 5% Limo Tint

Suntek Carbon XP
(Bluish Black Color)
 *Ask for pricing
*Our highest heat rejection film*

  • 70%
  • 50% Legal Limit
  • 35%
  • 20% Upon Request


Whats the difference between Hi-Performance and CarbonXP Tint?
The CarbonXP tint is the best for heat rejection and blocks out more heat then the metalized films and will not interfere with any of the cars reception or navigation like a metalized tint might have on some vehicles.

* Lifetime Warranty *

Auto Headlight / Taillight Tinting:

Headlight Tinting
Starting at $99.99 Installed

Taillight Tinting
Starting at $99.99 Installed

*Prices will vary on size of lights and number of lights.*

Mobile Service Fee:

We also provide a mobile service starting at $69.99. For our mobile installs you must provide an enclosed area for us to tint out of. For best results a heated garage or warehouse is ideal. We CANNOT tint out in an open area or parking ramp.

Auto Headlight / Taillight Colors:

  • 35% Smoke Black
  • 20% Smoke black
  • Hyper Yellow
  • Crystal Blue
  • Red

More colors coming soonCheck out our GALLERY for examples.



 Global HP Charcoal 

Global HP Charcoal 

 Suntek CarbonXP High Heat Rejection Film

Suntek CarbonXP High Heat Rejection Film

 3M FX Premium

3M FX Premium